Restorator 3.70 build 1747

Bome Software (Shareware)

Restorator is a resource-editing program released in 1997. This program is used for editing resource files for the Windows Operating System. Restorator enables users to translate, design, customize, and develop various Windows resources and components such as images, text, sounds, icons, dialog boxes, and menus. This program could also work with different resource file extensions such as .EXE, .DLL, .RC, .DCR, and .RES files. Restorator also enables users to customize the look and feel of programs by replacing logos and icons. The program can allow users to access the inner workings the applications in the computer.

Restorator’s interface features a window that displays a condensed variety of tools, commands, and parameters to allow the user full control during resource editing. The main toolbar displays the basic commands used to create a new resource or open an existing resource file. This section also has view options, and a search tool that enables users to locate a target file from the resource directory. The left panel shows a collapsible directory of folders that enable users to efficiently locate their target resource file while editing. The right panel of the window shows a wide array of commands that is used in editing resources. In addition, users can input information about the resource files in this section. A log section located on the lower right portion of the window allows the user to view the changes made in the resource file.