Restaurant Empire

Enlight Software Ltd. (Shareware)

Restaurant Empire is a business simulation game in which the player takes on the role of Armand LeBeouf, a culinary school graduate who has been given the chance to run a restaurant. This application is considered as a tycoon game where the player must build and operate a restaurant franchise and make sure it always has an edge over the competition. Players will be in charge of every aspect of managing a restaurant, which includes hiring staff, cooking meals, designing interiors, and selecting the cuisine. As the game progresses, players will have the opportunity to open more restaurants.

This application lets users take the game to three popular culinary capitals and select from five various cuisines. The game features almost 200 recipes and lets users interact with 37 chefs, including celebrity chefs who can provide players with secret recipes. Restaurants may be decorated according to the player’s chosen theme—the game offers 200 items that can be used to design the dining areas. Aside from managing each restaurant, players are also challenged to come up with business strategies to expand their gastronomic empire. This may include buying out other restaurants and out-cooking other chefs.

Users can select from two playing modes. The Campaign mode lets players participate in the story’s scenarios, while the Sandbox mode allows users to play the game at their own pace.