Resource Editor by Anders Melander

Anders Melander (Freeware)

Resource Editor by Anders Melander is a development application created for integration with the Delphi IDE. It is a freeware standalone application that works in conjunction with Delphi. Most of the resource types supported by the program are Delphi developer types. However, the program is likewise compatible with a variety of resource types.

Resource Editor by Anders Melander has a graphical user interface that features a window with five panes—Properties pane, Resources pane, Variants pane, Preview pane, and the Resource Editor. The Properties pane displays the different properties of a given resource item. These properties include the ID, Name, Type, Compression Type, Height, and Width, among others. The Resources pane displays a tree view of the contents of the Resource file including the resource items which are grouped by type. Users may add, load, or delete resource items using the context menu or the drop down selector. The Variants pane shows resource items and their corresponding versions. The Frames pane displays resource items that are compatible with frames. The Preview pane shows the different contents of a particular resource item.  Preview is possible using embedded tools like video players and browsers, for AVI and HTML resource files, respectively. Finally, the Resource Editor pane allows users to modify a selected resource item.  Editing is executed using embedded text editor and image editor tools for text and image files.