ResophNotes 1.5.7

C.Y. Yen (Freeware)

ResophNotes is a program used for synchronizing notes on Simplenote. It allows users to access all their files on different devices, such as an iPad or an iPhone. The program has a simple and easy to use interface. Its main window is divided into two sections. The left side of the main window displays all the user’s notes. When one of the notes is selected, its contents are displayed at the right side of the main window. The program’s Settings menu has three tabs – Options, Simplenote, and Storage. This is where users can change the settings for their notes and the application including sorting, note list, fonts, printing, and others.

With this application, users can easily print and email notes straight from the interface. Users can import their TXT and CSV files to the program for synchronization, too. When notes are displayed on the main window, the application automatically recognizes links to websites, so users can access the site directly from the application just by simply clicking on the link.

Here are the other features of the program:

• Comes with a word and character counter for statistics
• Users will be able to delete and restore their Simplenote files
• Has markdown feature for converting text files to HTML