Resizrr 1.0.0

YoFLA (Freeware)

Resizrr is a simple tool used for resizing photos and images. This can be used for resizing photos and images to a smaller size to be used for avatars or when users need to send an image through email. The program has a simple user interface that even novice computer users will be able to use. It supports the drag and drop method that allows users to drag files and drop them to the program in order to resize them. Entire folders can be dropped to the program as well. The compact view of the main window allows users to choose the maximum width and height before resizing the images. More options and settings for resizing are available when the “More Options” button is clicked.

Under the More Options window, users can change the output quality of the image, as well as sharpen the image to improve the image quality. This can be done by moving the slider under each category (output quality and sharpen value). The program supports resizing of JPG photos and images. Other buttons on the main window are used for going to the program’s official website and for checking if a new version of the application is available for download.