Resident Evil Remake

Capcom Production Studio (Proprietary)

Resident Evil Remake is a third-person shooter game in the survival horror genre that was released in 2002. The original game was released in 1996. This game was also known as Rebirth and Remake.

The story of the game begins on the 24th of July in 1998. The Alpha team that was sent to locate the helicopter of the Bravo team has spotted the object they were looking for, but there seems to be no signs of survivors. All they find is the corpse of the pilot, Kevin Dooley. The members of the Alpha team search the area for more clues until they are attacked by feral dogs. In the skirmish, Alpha team member Joseph Frost gets killed. In panic, the Alpha helicopter pilot takes off alone, leaving behind the other members of the team. They are then forced to seek refuge in a mansion, which is believed to be completely abandoned. The team soon learns that this is not the case.

Resident Evil Remake requires players to explore the rooms in the mansion, as well the nearby areas, including a cabin in the woods and a graveyard. Players also assume the role of multiple characters, such as Chris, Jill, and Rebecca. The player’s character is provided with a defensive weapon so he or she can fight back when attacked by the enemy.