Resident Evil Archives - Zero

Capcom Production Studio 3 (Proprietary)

Resident Evil Archives – Zero is a third-person action video game designed to tell the virtually unknown story about where it all began. The globally popular Resident Evil franchise get a taste of the circumstances surrounding the origins of the T-Virus. The game features familiar elements to Resident evil fans while also showcasing new characters and challenges. Fans can expect the familiar measure of violence, blood, and gore that has been associated with the franchise.

Resident Evil Archives – Zero is set in the mountains in the Raccoon City area and focuses in the mission of the S.T.A.R.S (Special Tactics And Rescue Services) Bravo team that was sent to investigate a murder mystery. This prequel to the first Resident Evil features new member Rebecca Chambers (medic) and convict and former soldier Billy Coen, a new and equally compelling character. The player controls the two main characters as they proceed to investigate the area. The two must unravel the horrible secrets that the mountain holds while fighting to survive a viral outbreak which turns people into zombies.

Resident Evil Archives – Zero is developed and published by Capcom for GameCube. Players who are new to the game will find interesting puzzles as they switch controls from Chambers to Coen, made possible by the game’s Partner Zapping system.