ResHacker 3.6.0

Angus Johnson (Freeware)

ResHacker, or Resource Hacker, is a utility that enables users to modify, add, view, rename, extract, and delete resources in Windows executable files (64 bit and 32 bit) and resource files. It runs on all types of Windows operating systems, and has an integrated internal resource script decompiler and compiler. This program has a simple interface that makes the complex operations easier to do, and lets users perform the following to their resources:

• Save – users can save resources as script files, untyped binary files, image files, and binary resource files.
• View – users can view resource images in GIF, JPG, AVI, Bitmap, Icon, and Cursor formats. Audio formats in MIDI and WAV may also be played. Other resources that can be viewed are Dialogs, Accelerators, VersionInfo, Message Tables, Menus, StringTables, and Delphi Forms.
• Modify – users can alter a resource by replacing this with one that is located in another file, or by making use of the compiler for the internal resource script. Users may also move and resize dialog controls.
• Delete – there are program resources that are unnecessary. By deleting these, users are able to reduce the size of the application, making it load faster and take up less space on the computer.
• Add – users can do this by copying resources from external files.