RescueFrenzy 1.0

Alawar Entertainment (Shareware)

Rescue Frenzy is a time management game where players are tasked to rescue animals and people after a several natural catastrophes occur. The game was first released in 2011. The player gets to control rescuers in each level. There are different obstacles that get in the way of rescuing those who are stuck, such as fires, fallen trees, and broken roads. Players get the chance to get resources along the way, such as money, food, medicine, and materials to fix roads. Players also have goals to complete in each level. Some of these goals include rescuing all the citizens and animals, putting out all fires in the level, constructing bridges, and restoring buildings.

Players must complete all these goals before the time is up. The timer is located on the bottom right portion of the game screen. More points are given to the player if the level is completed before the time that is highlighted in gold. There are 45 levels all in all that are spread throughout six different locations. Players also get power ups that can be collected in each level. These power ups can help players finish the level quicker. They can also be collected to increase the number of resources.