Request Slip Generator 1.1

Latshaw Systems (Freeware)

Request Slip Generator is an application that enables users to create request slips to use for DJ acts and karaoke sessions. The program has an easy-to-use interface that even novice computer users will be able to use. Song request slips contain text, such as the name of the request sender, the title of the song, the artist of the song, and the key. Users can customize the appearance of the request slip by adding logos, borders, contact information, and even a footer. This can be done on the “Generate/Edit Slips” window.

In addition, users have complete control over the side of the request slip. This can be done under the “Layout” tab. Sliders for columns and rows can be manipulated in order to adjust the number of slips that can fit on one page. Users can also use a custom logo or choose a logo from one of the choices built in to the application. After editing and adding text on the request slips, users can export the page as a PDF file or print the slips directly from the program’s window.

Other features of the Request Slip Generator include the following:

• more than 30 logos to choose from
• paper size for printing can be customized
• several border styles