Replay Media Catcher

Jaksta Technologies Pty Ltd (Proprietary)

Replay Media Catcher is a program that enables users to capture audio files and then save to their computer. This program has features that allow users to record music using an external device such as a microphone, or download music from an online platform. Replay Media Catcher can capture audio tracks from web-based FLV files as well as streaming MP3 audio. FLV or Flash Video is a file format that is utilized to deliver video over the Internet. Flash Video files contain two layers: a video stream and an audio track, which is the one captured by Replay Media Catcher. Replay Media Catcher uses RTMP protocol to extract MP3 and FLV files from hard-to-capture websites.

Replay Media Catcher features a simple interface that has two main parts. The left side of the window shows a directory tree that enables users to access four functions. First is the “Recordings” section, which allows users to view their recorded audio in the past days, weeks, months, or those recording in progress. Next is the “Search” function, which allows users to search for captured audio files according to category such as artist, song, or per album. This section also contains a video search and radio search function as well as an audio recorder feature that can be initiated by clicking the big red button on the lower right portion of the window. In addition, this section has a schedule function that allows users to schedule their download and recording tasks. The second main part is the media download list located on the center portion of the window. This section displays all audio and video tracks that are being downloaded. Replay Media Catcher displays both the file name and the download status of the audio and video files.