Replace Studio Professional

Funduc Software Inc. (Shareware)

Replace Studio Professional is an application used in searching and replacing strings in different file types especially text files. Directories, aside from files can also be searched and replaced for binary phrases and text. ZIP archives can also be searched and replaced.  

Regular expressions are used in search/replace operations, while patterns instead of literal text are used in searches. Replace and search operations can span a number of files and lines, be case or non-case sensitive, and take into account filter settings. File date, size, filters, and other attributes can be used to improve searches. A user can direct search results into files or view them in HTML that is color-coded. Files having search hits may be modified through an external editor or viewer, or through the integrated Context Viewer. Replacements may be confirmed and viewed beforehand “in context”. Saving search-replace strings is also possible for future use. The Favorites feature of the program saves commonly used replacements and searches.  Other program functions include searching and replacing content from the clipboard, file finder facility, file operations function, and drag and drop facility. Multi-line replace and search is also possible. Other program features include Boolean searching, word wrap, inserting filenames, sequential numbering, and Unicode support, among others.