RenameMaestro 6.0

Ulfwood Ltd (Freeware)

RenameMaestro is a file management tool that assists users in renaming files in batches of up to one million at a time. This bulk renaming application can easily and quickly work on multiple files and let users rename files as they wish. It can make use of MP3 and photo tags as well as dates, numbers, and letters. Users can view the program’s progress on the application’s instant preview window. This application can also be used to solve problems with incorrect file data, such as the date when a file was created, last accessed, or modified.

One of the features of this application is the Easy Rename function. This is the quickest way to rename files within the program. It will automatically remove every filename, replace it with the one specified by the user, and add increasing numbers at the end of every file. This is particularly useful when renaming large numbers of photographs.

This application can also extract data for renaming. Users can take the data from multimedia files such as photos, music, and movies to rename them. It also permits multiple actions to be done at the same time, so instead of carrying out one renaming action at a time, users can make a list of changes to carry out on their files, such as deleting part of the filename, changing uppercase to lowercase, and inserting a particular date.