Remove Toolbar Buddy 6.1

Scorpio Software (Shareware)

Remove Toolbar Buddy is a simple application that helps users get rid of toolbars installed on the Internet Explorer web browser. In addition to removing toolbars, the program is also capable of removing unwanted buttons that are installed with other programs. This program is simple and intuitive, which makes it ideal to use even for novice computer users.

The main window is divided into two sections. The left panel is where users can see all the categories of add-ons that may be installed on the web browser window. These add-ons include toolbars, buttons and menus, explorer bars, browser helper objects, and context menu extensions. When the user selects one of the categories, the components installed are displayed on the main area of the application. Users can see the name of the object installed as well as where it is installed. More details about the component are available at the bottom part of the window, which includes the location of the file in the computer, its manufacturer, and the applications affected by the object. Files can easily be deleted by selecting them and clicking the “Delete” button, which is located at the upper left portion of the window. This program can also be used for backing up and restoring Internet Explorer configurations.