Remove Empty Directories 2.2

Remove Empty Directories (Freeware)

Remove Empty Directories, also called RED, is a simple tool for eliminating the empty directories that are left in the system after applications are uninstalled. The program’s main window has three tabs – Scan, Settings, and About. Under the Scan tab, users can select the folder to scan. Users can select an entire folder or a sub-folder. Other options can be seen by right clicking on an item from the list. The options include open file in explorer, scan only this directory, protect, and add to ignore list. After the application scans the system, a summary of the results is displayed. The items found are coded as root, empty, hidden, locked, protected, deleted, etc. Items in gray are not touched, items in red will be deleted from the computer, while items in blue are protected. Click the ‘Delete’ button at the bottom of the main window to remove the empty directories.

Other features of the Remove Empty Directories application include the following:
• Displays all the empty directories before deleting them from the computer
• Supports several modes of deletion
• Detects directories with no files inside as empty
• Support for ignore list and ignore directories
• Can be integrated into the Explorer context menu