Google (Freeware)

The Remote Debugger is a systems utilities tool that was created and released by Google for their Chrome browser. Debugging is necessary to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of browsers. The task of debugging generally involves the processes of finding as well as eliminating the bugs that may exist in a particular program. By removing the bugs, the users are able to prevent the spreading of defective elements that can cause a program to degrade in time and be unsuitable for access and use. The Remote Debugger utility is part of an array of browser-specific utilities known as Google Chrome Development Tools.

Unlike other debugging tools, the Remote Debugger can be used with different devices that utilize the Google Chrome browser. It also allows users to access the process repair center with ease. An active connection to the Internet is required to access the program. The debugging tool can then be configured towards the user’s preferences. There are programs and processes that can be blocked or prevented. There are programs that can also be set to become the main priorities of the system. It is also possible to set the tool to recognize any potential threats that can affect the browser and the system that uses it.