Remote Recover 3.0

Winternals Software LP (Freeware)

Remote Recover is a utility tool developed by Internals Software that allows system administrators to fix errors in computers without the need to be physically nearby to the target machines. Computers connected to a local area network, the Internet, a wireless network, or wide area network can be accessed by technical experts, so long as the program is installed in the “main” computer that manages the network.

The most notable feature of Remote Recover is that it gives users the ability to recover corrupted files in a computer by restoring the machine to an earlier state before the files have become corrupted, all without the need to be physically present near the corrupted machine. Once the program is installed, no further installation of other applications is required for administrators to access machines remotely.
Remote Recover allows users to reach and inspect the hard drives of computers remotely, no matter the file system used by the computer. Unformatted disks and drives that have not been partitioned can also be accessed by remote users of the program.

One notable feature present in Remote Recover is its ability to reach machines that are connected to multiple networks, although the administrator may have to go through the multiple networks to gain access to the machine. Once a target computer is located, the program then finds other paths to reach the computer, until a shorter route is found.