Remote Print

Epson (Freeware)

Remote Print is developed by Epson to enable its users to print documents, images, and spreadsheets even if they are away from the printer. It solves the problem of sending hard copies to others, as well as avoiding output errors caused by incorrect format settings. In addition, if the file that needs to be printed has been made using a program that is not present in the recipient’s system, this application will still be able to print it out. With this utility, users will be in control of how they printouts will look like.

The main feature of Remote Print is that it allows users to print from a remote location. Users can send printing tasks to an Epson printer in another location, such as the office, or even in another country. Users can also access the advanced print options and specify the page range, collation options, number of copies, and even select reverse order for printing documents with several numbered pages. Documents also do not have to be converted to PDF for them to retain their formatting when printing on another printer. The output’s format, font, and margins will be exactly as they are from the user’s computer.

Remote Print has an advantage over faxing since users can print clearly in full color. In addition, it eliminates having to attach the file in an email, which can take time especially if it is a large file or if there are multiple files. Users can simply send the file/s to be printed to the recipient’s Epson computer.