Remote Play with PlayStation®3

Sony Corporation (Freeware)

Remote Play with PlayStation®3 enables any type of computer to have access to the Remote Play software via a wireless network adapter. Its requisites include a Playstation 3 having firmware 3.30 or higher, a wifi adapter, and a laptop or PC that runs Windows 7. Remote Play is a facility that allows one to access PS3 particular content and XMB remotely. XMB stands for Xross Media Bar. Content that can be accessed from one’s PS3 to one’s laptop include music, photos, videos, the PlayStation Store, Playstation games and various other applications. It was initially intended for use only with Sony products such as Sony Vaoi laptops and Sony Ericsson phones.

If one makes use of a wired Internet connection, initially an external wireless adapter is still needed to connect one’s desktop PC and PS3. Once the application has been installed the wireless adapter will no longer be needed to set up the program in the future.  Settings on PS3s can be customized such that it shifts to Normal mode from Standby mode when Remote Play is initiated. Content from PS3s external flash drives, HDD, and other optical media attached to it can also be accessed with Remote Play with PlayStation®3. When using Remote Play with PlayStation®3 some form of media cannot be accessed as well as some menus and functions.  These can all be seen on the application’s website.