Remote Keyboard

Sony Corporation (Freeware)

Remote Keyboard is a software that enables a computer to have access and control of a number of Sony devices by creating a Bluetooth wireless connection within them.  These devices include Playstation 3 systems, Blu-ray Disc players and Bravia television sets.  The application allows a user to easily convert  keyboard input from VAIO laptops to  Sony affiliated devices.  Using TrackID, this application can also be used to secure music artist, album and title information that is being played on a networked Sony Bravia TV set.

For one to be able to successfully make use of this application, one must be logged in as a user having Administrative rights or as the Administrator. It is important that all other computer programs must be closed and all work must be saved.  The Taskbar must be devoid of any application before installation.  In addition, PSN sign-in identification can only support up to 33 characters to function. With Remote Keyboard numerous computer applications can be accessed and utilized through various user-specified channels.  One can watch a video or movie with the Bravia TV sets and Blu-ray Disc players, and computer gaming can be done through one’s Playstation 3 device or in a bigger screen such as the Bravia TV. Audio tracks can also be listened to by means of  previously mentioned devices.