Remote Desktop Organizer

Appmazing (Freeware)

Remote Desktop Organizer is an application developed by Appmazing that enables users to manage multiple remote desktop connections in one place. Through this application, remote sessions are organized in different folders, which are arranged in a tabbed format. Home users and network administrators can create any number of folders to sort and classify servers efficiently. To create a new connection, the user has to input important information like the domain name, host user ID card, port number, and the login credentials. Once the session is configured, the user has the ability to select items that can be instantly accessed like disk drives, printers, and serial ports. Audio options like color theme and desktop size can also be customized according the user’s preferences.

Remote Desktop Organizer has a very user-friendly interface that displays the connection folders and ID cards on one side and the remote screen/s on the other side. The remote sessions are shown simultaneously so the user has a preview of each window. To use Remote Desktop Organizer, users have to grant it permission in System Properties. In the ‘search’ field of the Start Menu, the user must type ‘remote desktop access’ and select ‘allow remote access’ from the results. The System Properties dialog box will appear, showing the Remote tab. Tick on ‘allow connections’ from computers running any version of Remote Desktop’ and the application is ready to use.