Remote Desktop Control, RDC

AQUATRA, Inc. (Shareware)

Remote Desktop Control, RDC is an application that allows users to control their computers from a remote location using a Local Area Network. The application has a simple interface that even novice computer users will be able to operate. Users can set up the access from the program’s main window, which is divided into two sections – Direct Connection and Account Connection. With the application, users can remotely work on their own computers as if it is right in front of them.

Other main features of the Remote Desktop Control, RDC application are the following:

• File transfer capabilities – The program enables users to remotely transfer files between computers. It has a built-in file transfer tool for sharing documents, photos, images, and even programs. Users just have to drag and drop items from the local side to the remote side.
• Wide set of security features – The application comes with several security tools that prevent unauthorized access to the user’s computer. Some security measures include password protection, master key tool, IP filtering, and data stream encryption.
• Different display modes available – There are different ways to view the remote computer. It can be in full screen, scaled, or windowed. This allows users to choose how they want to see their computers.