Remo Repair Zip 2.0

Remo Software (Shareware)

Remo Repair Zip is a program used for repairing compressed files that are corrupted.  This allows users to recover the files that are inside the corrupted file. It supports repairing of .zipx and .zip files, and is also able to repair .zip files that are larger than 4 Gb in size. The application has a simple user interface that consists of a repair button. Users can select the file to fix by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button. After clicking the repair button, the application displays a list of all the files found inside the corrupted file, as well as their file size in Kb. Users just need to select the file to recover and click the ‘Save’ button.

Other features of the Remo Repair Zip application are the following:

• Program is capable of repairing .zip files that are located in an external storage device, such as a USB thumb drive or an external hard drive
• Users are able to repair .zip files with contents that are as large as 4 Gb or bigger
• Users have complete control over the output destination location of the recovered file
• Support for .zipx and .zip files
• Users are able to preview data that can be recovered from the corrupted file