Relux TeamViewer 9.x

TeamViewer (Shareware)

TeamViewer is a communications software developed by Teamviewer. It is an all-in-one solution for conducting online presentations and online meetings. The program offers several features including screen sharing, Participants list, Video meetings, Voice over Internet Protocol, and Chat. Screen sharing allows meeting participants to share their screen or view the screen being shared by another in real time. Participants are shown with their names and corresponding roles for a specific meeting. Some roles recognized by the program are Organisator and Presenter. Participants may also opt to see each other in live view while in the meeting through the video capability.

TeamViewer comes with a File box feature, enabling users to send files during the meeting. Files uploaded to the file box are available to all the participants. The Chat feature allows users to talk to other members of the meeting outside of the meeting box. The program also offers a Whiteboard function which enables the participant acting as the Presenter to draw, sketch, and illustrate during the meeting. This is useful when explaining topics that are more readily understood when in a diagram or an illustration. The program also comes with a conference call feature for meeting participants to contact another participant to join the meeting, or to make a report. TeamViewer features a Schedule Meeting option allowing users to notify all the participants of an upcoming meeting.