rekordbox 1.5.1

Pioneer (Freeware)

rekordbox 1.5.1 is a music application developed by Pioneer. It is a management tool of music or audio files designed for deejays. Those supported files are compatible with some of the Pioneer DJ Players, such as the models CDJ-900NXS and CDJ-2000NXS.

There are five major ways to use rekordbox 1.5.1. The first one is to use it for classifying or sorting music files that are saved on the computer. Secondly, users can search for any music or audio file on the computer. Another function is to check, scan, measure, and modify or adjust elements of music files. These elements may include the tempos or BPM, and beats. This program can be also used to select, set, and save point information, which includes looping, cueing, and hot cueing. The last usage is to create a playlist or more that can be used for DJing.

rekordbox 1.5.1 supports two types of playback mode. It can be played with a USB flash drive or with the use of Internet connection through either Wi-Fi or Local Area Network (LAN). With a USB device, users can play audio tracks or create a playlist. This makes it a handy and easy solution for DJs as they will not have to bring their computers with them. They can also connect to the Internet to load and play music. They just have to connect the DJ player to the computer using a LAN cable or a wireless router.