RegSupreme Professional

Macecraft Software (Shareware)

RegSupreme Professional is an application that lets users optimize their computer systems by managing the system registry. This program has a simple interface, with straightforward controls and functions that are shown on the program’s main window. This tool fixes registry problems and cleans invalid registry items, among other functions for system optimization. RegSupreme Professional has the following program parts: Startup Manager, Registry Cleaner, Registry Manager, Registry Information, History Cleaner, Software Manager, and Registry Compactor. Together, these tools allow the user to:

• Remove unnecessary files, shell extensions, and programs from the operating system
• Specify which programs are launched upon Windows startup
• Remove options from browsers’ right-click menus
• Detect and permanently remove traces of programs that have already been uninstalled
• Repair registry problems automatically

RegSupreme Professional allows users specify the system engine settings to use and the scans to perform on the system. There are two scanning modes (reference and normal) and two ways to view the scan results (raw or structured). A basic scan takes less than a minute to complete while a more advanced process that includes some registry repair work may take longer. Users are prompted to create a backup file prior to running a required action, so they can revert to the previous status when needed.