RegSeeker 2.4

HoverDesk (Freeware)

RegSeeker cleans the system’s registry by getting rid of junk files and fixing registry errors. With the application, users can search for registry entries added by programs that are installed in the computer. This can be done by typing a search term on the field of the main window. Users can also put a check mark beside the key types and the search options (keys, values, and data). The application also displays a list of all the applications installed in the system. Users can view the name of the application, the developer, version of the program, and how much space it is taking up on the disk.

The main window of RegSeeker provides access to the different functions of the application. They can be found on the left hand side of the main window. Here are some of the tools and functions:

• Startup Entries – Clicking this displays a list of all the programs that run during system startup.
• Tweaks – This allows users to change the desktop settings by adding or removing check marks beside the items. Some of the items include window animation, menu fading, remove arrow on shortcuts, save explorer window settings, and clear recent docs on exit.
• Backups – Users can create a backup of the system’s registry before making changes to the computer