RegScanner 1.95

NirSoft (Freeware)

RegScanner is a small tool for scanning the system’s registry. The program displays all the search results that allow the users to see all the values. Registry values can be displayed by type, date of modification, or by data length. The program has a simple interface that displays the registry keys, the name, type, data, and other important information regarding the registry keys. The RegEdit application can be used together with the software in order to edit the registry values.

The results displayed by RegScanner can be copied, saved, and exported. Users can select specific values or choose to export the entire list to create a report. The program is easy to use, but it is advisable to leave the editing of registry entries to more experienced computer users. Other features of the RegScanner application are listed below.

• Enables users to make case sensitive searches
• The program is capable of locating Unicode strings in  binary value
• Displays the entire search results at once eliminating the need to look for the next registry value
• Works as a standalone executable that does not need to be installed in the system
• Delete feature that enables users to remove unnecessary registry entries