RegRun Security Suite

Greatis Software (Shareware)

RegRun Security Suite is a security suite program developed by Greatis Software. It is used to prevent Trojans, adware, spyware, viruses, and other malicious computer threats. The program does not scan the computer system for detecting and curing threats. Instead, it checks and verifies all the startup holes in Windows. The program is available in four editions – Gold, Platinum, Professional, and Standard.

The program’s main purpose is to detect unknown viruses and remove it from Windows startup holes. It can prevent virus auto start. The program also works well with other antivirus software. After detecting unknown viruses, an antivirus program can be used for removing attacks caused by viruses. RegRun Security Suite is capable of resolving various main tasks. Aside from detecting and removing viruses, the program is also capable of creating registry backups and other significant files. The program can also restore unbootable computers.

The program’s interface is composed of several tabs, with each tab comprised of various security options and functions. These include the Registry Tracer, Watch Dog, Startup Monitor, Infection Detector, and Secure Start. Other tabs contain general and advanced configuration options that help configure and customize how the program functions. The program’s main functions can also be accessed through the RegRun Control Center, or separately by launching it from the Start Menu items.