Regnum Online

NGD Studios (Proprietary)

Regnum Online is a multiplayer online role playing game based on the game, Dark Age of Camelot or DAOC where the main objective of the players is to defeat other players and fight for control over gates, castles, and forts. Players must choose from the three realms – Syrtis, Ignis, and Alsius. These realms are based on different races. The only difference between them is their appearance as they all have the same characteristics. Syrtis is a grassland, Ignis is a desert, while Alsius is full of snow.

There are 3 regular classes in the game, which are mage, warrior, and archer, each of which has two specializations and a unique skill tree. The players control their characters mainly with the W, A, S, and D keys and by selecting the target by clicking. The combat skills, strength, and spells are magnified versions of the skills from the Dark Age Camelot game, but with a shorter duration of effects. There are about 200 missions in one real, with some story quests geared towards giving the players a sense of the backstory of the different realms. Different types of quests require players to do certain tasks, such as killing other players from different realms.