Registry Workshop

TorchSoft (Shareware)

Registry Workshop is a registry editor that functions like the RegEdit for Windows systems. The program consists of standard and advanced functions for making changes to the system’s registry. Additionally, the application comes with several features for a more efficient workflow. The program supports unlimited undo levels, which makes it easier for users to make changes without having to worry about the system crashing. It can undo all types of changes except for the key permissions.

Other main features of the Registry Workshop application include the following:
• Search and replace registry information – allows users to replace keys, information, and values by using a fast search algorithm
• Compare registry – enables users to compare registry items between two computer or with .REG files
• Backup and restore the registry – users can create backups of the registry that can be used to restore the system if something goes wrong when editing registry entries
• Multiple registry windows – allows users to open several local registry windows
• Connect to mobile device – allows users to connect to a Smartphone or a pocket PC with the ActiveSync feature

Registry Workshop can be used for removing spyware and virus entries, maintaining the system, or developing the system.