Registry Tweaker

Miha Jakovac (Freeware)

Registry Tweaker is a tool which allows users to make changes on the Windows registry.  The Windows Registry is a database which stores configuration options and settings on a Windows operating system. The Windows Registry can be modified to serve different purposes such as improving information security or increasing computer performance. Registry Tweaker's user interface offers several menus. The major ones are listed horizontally on the top portion. These are Tweak Browser, Tweak Tracker, Database Editor, Tools, Update and Settings, System Information, About, Apply Tweaks, and One Click Apply Tool. The list of tweak items is listed on the central part of the interface which can be sorted by name or date. Specific tweaks can also be searched by typing keywords pertaining to the tweak.

The five major parts of the user interface are the following:
• Select tweak group. This feature allows users to search and review a group of tweaks or changes.
• Category. This feature allows users to categorize the changes made for easy referencing.
• List of Tweaks. This feature allows users to track the changes made on the Windows Registry.
• Modify Selected Keys
• Information. This feature displays the changes made on the Windows registry.

These five components are arranged in the order that they need to be set on the application window.