Registry Trash Keys Finder

SNC (Freeware)

Registry Trash Keys Finder is a program that enables users to manage and maintain their Windows Registry. Windows Registry is a hierarchal database built in the computers operating system that stores options and various configuration settings for different applications and executable programs installed in the user’s computer. Registry Trash Keys Finder scans the Windows Registry for old and unnecessary registry files and then deletes them. Old registry files accumulate in the Windows Registry over time, due to constant software installation and uninstallation. These files, if left to accumulate, may cause poor performance in the user’s computer. The computer may experience slow startup and freezes because the system would have to go over the accumulated files before allowing the user to start a program. Registry Trash Keys Finder allows users to view the total number of protected, selected, found, as well as deleted keys in the Windows Registry. Users may copy or backup these files, delete key names, or add active registry keys to the program’s “protected list”. In addition to these, Registry Trash Keys Finder is capable of running on 32 bit or 64-bit operating system environments.

Registry Trash Keys Finder features a simple user interface that can be accessed from the system tray. The program window contains three main parts. The first part displays all the registry files scanned by the program. This section displays the key number, name, and key value. The next part shows the key description and other information on the selected registry file. The last part provides a summary of the search that displays the number of registry files found, selected files, deleted, and protected files.