Registry Medic

Iomatic (Shareware)

Registry Medic is a system tool used for managing and cleaning the Windows Registry. Its primary purpose is to detect and remove all registry entry errors which include software data that is invalid, entries  from file locations which are outdated, data from start menu, as well as file extensions. It can also be used for removing computer threats such as malware and Trojans which cause problems to the registry.

Here are some operations Registry Medic can perform:

• Finding invalid Windows registry entries
• Repairing invalid and broken entries
• Scanning and removing start menu software  and data which are invalid in the Windows registry
• Finding error locations via the RegEdit registry tool
• Backing up and restoring the Windows registry

Aside from these functions, Registry Medic can also be set to perform automatic scans regularly. It can also configure system restore points and use those points to bring a computer back to a previous state. The program’s interface is intuitive and straightforward. It is a single-window interface consisting of several tabs, which correspond to the operations available in the program. A section is provided for scanning and fixing registry. A section for creating new registry and removing structural errors is available as well in the Registry Compact section. Other available functions include Registry Firewall, Restore, Spyware Malware Immune, and Optimize Advance Tools.