Registry Healer

KsL Software (Shareware)

As its name implies, Registry Healer focuses on fixing the system registry. It is designed to scan the computer system’s entire registry in order to detect existing errors such as invalid paths and broken entries that can cause the computer to be unstable or run slowly. This application reviews all of the entries contained in the registry and does a search of all the unnecessary folders and files that will then be deleted. Incorrect registry entries will be substituted with new references. The invalid entries will be corrected by finding the right matching files and folders. Fixing the system registry frees up disk space and results to faster performance.

This system utility provides advanced features such as one-click quick access to a particular registry key. Users can also highlight an entry and the program will take them to the directory that the reference is pointing to. Users can select the error categories they would like to search for. This system utility will find and correct invalid registered help files, registered file types, application paths, and font entries. It can also detect and delete unused software registry references, empty registry keys, and obsolete items on the Start Menu. Users can also back up the system registry before any changes are made. This application can also connect to the Internet in order to search for information about invalid registry entries found.