Registry First Aid Platinum 9.3.0

KsL Software (Shareware)

Registry First Aid is a program used for cleaning the computer in order to make it run faster. The program is capable of repairing errors and removing junk files from the computer to fix common problems, such as the Blue Screen of Death or system crashes. The program’s main interface is simple enough for beginners to use, but advanced users will also be able to make use of its advanced features.
The program is divided into three sections – Registry Maintenance, Registry Management, and Registry Backup.

• Registry Maintenance – Under Registry Maintenance, users can scan and fix problems that are present in the registry. Additionally, users have the option to compress the registry to make the computer run faster and make more space available for other programs.
• Registry Management – For Registry Management users can search for specific items in the registry and manage them according to preference. There is also a snapshot tool that allows the user to get a snapshot of the computer’s registry.
• Registry Backup – This section allows the user to create a backup of the system’s registry. This is useful for getting back the system to a working state if anything goes wrong. Users can also restore the backup from this section.