Registry Defragmentation Map 9.3

Elcor Software ( (Shareware)

Registry Defragmentation Map has two primary end functions—to decrease registry access time and reduce application response time. This program is also useful in removing unused entries, thus resulting to decrease in the registry size. As a result the computer boots up faster and is able to carry out commands more quickly. This is an application developed by Elcor Software.

The Windows registry is subjected to constant modifications since every installation or removal of a program alters it. It grows in size and changes as well every time there are alterations made to the system settings. Changes in configuration leads to Windows registry loss of linear structure and the computer user starts to experience increase in the registry and application response time. This is where Registry Defragmentation Map becomes relevant.

This is a utility that is designed to perform efficient and complete defragmentation of the registry file so that it becomes linear once again. This program provides users with an accessible means of restoring the registry’s linear structure. Ideally, this application should be used whenever a new program is removed or installed so that there is no chance for the registry to become non-linear. Fortunately for users, they can utilize the scheduler to remind them to organize optimization activities with this program.