Registry Defrag

Auslogics (Freeware)

Registry Defrag is a registry cleaner and defragmenter that keeps the computer’s registry clean. It can also improve the computer’s performance by lessening the memory usage that the registry uses. The Registry Analysis tool determines registry fragmentation. The Fragmentation Details section is where users can view details of the registry entries. Defragmentation of the registry takes place after the computer reboots. Users have the option to create a restore point before proceeding with the defragmentation.

When the application is performing an analysis, the mouse cursor cannot be moved outside the program’s window. While scanning, users can see a representation of the current registry status and the possible optimization. With the visual representation, users can compare the difference between the defragmented registry and the current state. After defragmentation, the application provides an HTML report that contains details about the defragmentation.

Here are other features of Registry Defrag:
• Removes structural defects located in the registry
• Improves program response time
• Makes the computer more stable
• Lessens amount of RAM taken up by the registry
• Improves computer performance

Registry Defrag does not take up a lot of memory and finishes scans in a few minutes. The program has a simple interface that makes it easy to use even for novice computer users.