Registry Cleaner

Auslogics (Freeware)

Registry Cleaner is a system maintenance program. It repairs Windows registry entries, and removes obsolete entries. This ensures that the computer runs smoothly. The program can be used by beginners and advanced computer users. The automatic scan of the program has a default list of items that are looked over. However, advanced users can change this and choose specific items to scan or skip. Items included in Basic Categories are file associations, file extensions, firewall, Internet, History Lists, and many more. Items included in Advanced Categories are COM & ActiveX, Shared DLLs, Virtual Devices, and Missing Software.

On the interface, some information displayed are the last scan, problems repaired, and advice. After scanning the entire system, Registry Cleaner displays list of results that contain the detected errors in the Basic and Advanced Categories, the severity of the error, and the number of problems for each item. Clicking on the Repair button at the bottom of the window will automatically fix the errors found in the system.

Registry Cleaner has a Rescue Center features. This creates a backup of the files before they are deleted from the computer in the event that the file deletion causes errors. The deleted files can easily be restored from the Rescue Center.