RegInOut System Utilities

SORCIM Technologies (Freeware)

RegInOut System Utilities is a system scanner, cleaner, fragmenter, and optimizer to help speed up system performance and prevent crashes and other errors, among other features. To optimize the speed of the user’s computer and minimize errors, it accesses and scans various aspects of Windows operating systems, including:

• The Windows Registry
• System Data
• Browsing Activity
• Computer Services
• Uninstall and Start Commands

The System Data aspect of the OS includes applications run in the Start Menu, files in the Recycle Bin, entries for the Search and Auto-complete function, Temporary Files, and Recent Documents. RegInOut also clears up all unnecessary data in the Registry to minimize errors, slowdown, and other reductions in system performance. The Defrag, Services Manager, and System Cleaner features – when used periodically – help boost performance also.

Internet access and the user’s gaming experience when logged onto local networks and the Web are also optimized via the Services Manager’s Extreme Gaming Profile option. This set of utilities also allows the automatic scheduling of maintenance tasks and options to restore recent settings. Some files may also be retained even if these are unnecessary. Scanning the user’s entire system, as with other full-featured optimizers, will not disrupt performance and processes nor negatively affect the way the system works.