Xiperware (Open Source)

RegexRenamer is a utility used for renaming files with the use of regular expressions. It is ideal to use for dealing with large amounts of filenames that need to be renamed. The program is capable of changing file extensions, moving files to a different location, and adding numbers to files. The program has support for batch processing, allowing users to rename several files at once in order to save time.

RegexRenamer’s user interface is intuitive. Users must input a match phrase and the replacement text on their respective fields. The next step is to choose a file from the tree view on the main window. Other options include the case of the word, numbering, and move or copy options. All the files that will be changed are then displayed on the main window and users can also see the preview filename before any changes are made to the documents. The application is user-friendly and can be navigated by both novice and advanced computer users.

The program’s main features are as follows:

• Comes with tutorial and reference guide for beginners
• Support for filtering files using regex or glob
• Support for renaming files and placing them into sub folders
• Users can backup all files before making changes