Just Great Software (Shareware)

RegexBuddy is a programming tool that assists in creating regular expressions (regexes) often used in coding. Regular expressions are patterns that match strings of texts in a code. These texts include characters and words used in coding. The software can test and debug these expressions. It can even understand the most complex of regexes present. It allows testing the regexes so that there will be no mistakes in the actual data. The snippets of the source code can be used by adjusting it automatically to the programming language’s particulars. Moreover, it can document regexes and save them for further use.

Using Regexbuddy can automate repetitive tasks that are often associated with regular expressions. The program has an interface that can generate code so that the regexes can be used in the desired programming environment. Files and directories can be searched. Users who need help can take advantage of the integrated forum. The forum covers different topics about using the program and the program itself. People in the forum can help the user for any RegexBuddy-related issue.

The program can emulate the environment of numerous regex flavors. Among these regex flavors are the following:

• JGSoft
• .NET
• Java
• Perl