ReGet5 5.2 Build 330 Beta

ReGet Software (Shareware)

ReGet 5 Deluxe is a download manager program developed by ReGet Software. The program features several Integration and Compatibility features. It can be integrated with common web browsers. It even has a ReGet Bar used for monitoring and controlling the program from web browsers. The program can also tune the downloading setting as well as detect the browser’s proxy server settings automatically.

ReGet Deluxe also offers many Downloading features. For instance, it has support for file download from both HTTP and FTP servers. The program also offers multimedia protocols allowing it to retrieve multimedia content through the supported protocols (i.e. RTSP and MMS). It is capable of resuming paused and broken downloads as well. As for broken downloads, ReGet Deluxe is also capable of making unlimited attempts when downloading a file.

This download manager can also improve the speed of download. It features multi-section downloads enabling the program to split the downloaded files into sections then download all these sections simultaneously. Aside from this, the program also offers Jump-Start Downloads, Mirror-search and Traffic Limiting features. The program offers download management and organization features as well. It has a Site Manager for setting the downloading properties and an Advanced History section that provides information about the entire files downloaded. This application can be customized as well. There are different ReGet themes users can choose from, a customizable toolbar and multi-download editing.

Other features available in ReGet 5 Deluxe include the following:
• Built-in Scheduler, FTP Explorer and MSIE Spy
• Offline Mode
• ZIP Preview
• Recursive web-site downloading
• Anti-virus support and more