RegEditX v3.0

DC Software Design, Inc. (Shareware)

RegEditX is a system utility developed to enhance the productivity and functionality of the REGEDIT or the standard Windows Registry Editor. The Registry Editor is a utility that enables users to edit the registry of the system. With the RegEditX, users will be able to edit registries with an enhanced interface and functionality for the Windows Registry Editor.

RegEditX features an enhanced toolbar with the most updated tools to launch the different features including the RegEditX Crawler. The RegEditX Crawler is search utility that enables the user to perform quick bookmark and searching functions. This program also features an enhanced combo box located under the menu bar. This combo box tracks the most recently accessed registry keys—those recently expanded or edited. This enables users to refer back to them in case they need to change something after moving on to other registry keys. The RegEditX combo box also enables users to perform Copy, Cut, and Paste functions to the Clipboard, and back. This program also features enhancements to the behavior of list columns. List columns automatically resize according to window size and key values. RegEditX also features command line functionality, enabling users to access the same through the command line instead of the explorer window. This program also has a RegEditX pull down menu enabling users to manage the program.