X.M.Y. International LLC (Freeware)

WinASO’s RegDefrag is software program that defragments the Windows registry in order to boost its performance. System performance may lag becayse of the programs and applications a computer uses, which adds to the information in the system registry. A bloated registry accumulates a lot of empty spaces, which then slows down boot time and overall operation.  
This utility will perform physical defragmentation to rebuild and re-index the registry and fix the effects of file corruption and prevent structural errors of data in the drive. After the defrag operation, the registry will have a more streamlined structure that will speed up program response time and file access time.
Some of the key features of RegDefrag include:
• A sophisticated and efficient registry analyzing system - With one mouse-click, the software scans the registry for errors by searching for corrupted sectors and wasted space.
• After registry analysis, the software offers its recommendation to the user. A defrag may be necessary depending on the analysis of the program.
• Before it performs defragmentation, the program displays the percentage of fragmented registry data, as well as the expected registry size and recovered space after the defrag operation.

RegDefrag performs secure file deletion. When it performs a defrag operation, it filters out sensitive and important system settings in the registry which do not require defragmentation.