Safer-Networking Ltd. (Freeware)

RegAlyzer is an application used for browsing and editing the computer’s registry apart from the basic “Regedit” tool. The registry can also be managed easily using the program.

The program’s interface is simple and contains useful features. The registry is automatically read by the program. The program’s Help manual provides information such as simple descriptions for every feature that is available in the program. Registry entries are also displayed in a panel. Detailed registry information are shown through four tabs which are named “Change Logs”, “Security Information”, “Data”, and “Info Database”. The application’s built-in bookmark manager allows specific entries to be saved and accessed easily for usage in the future. A dynamic search feature consists of various options such as search focus (data, values, and keys) and data types (search range, strings, and binary and numerics data). Search processes can also be customized. Keys can be searched according to date or using user specified values for entries sorting which are older or newer than specific points. Users are advised to backup the registry before using the program. Dword editing that comes with binary/decimal/parallel hex display is also provided.  Other program features include security settings low-level display, .reg file content display, hierarchical bookmark and Qword support, among others.