REFOG Keylogger

Refog Inc. (Shareware)

REFOG Keylogger is a security application that can be used for monitoring computer activity. This application can keep track of what computer users do when online. It can keep track of instant messaging and chat conversations as well as keep a log of the websites visited. This program is particularly useful for parents who want to monitor their children who use the computer and go online on a daily basis, so that they may make the appropriate action and parental control to prevent their kids from being victimized by online predators and other dangers when going online.

This application can run undetected, and the logs are also protected by a master password so that only the authorized user or parent will be able to access the records, make changes to the settings, or uninstall the program. The logs are maintained for each computer user and the authorized person will be able to receive comprehensive reports of each user’s computer activity.

REFOG Keylogger not only keeps track of what users type but also the images they view and the programs that they use. This application also has the ability to keep track of what users copy and paste, and it can also capture periodic screenshots. This tool requires no maintenance and offers automatic updates so that parents can simply leave it running whenever the computer is used.