Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven Collector's Edition

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

The Collector’s Edition of the Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven a mystery hidden object game. It is one of the games in the Redemption Cemetery series of games. The player assumes lead character in the game. The player stumbles upon cemetery gates after figuring into a car accident. As the player wanders into the cemetery, the gates suddenly close. In the cemetery, the player will be approached by spirits asking for help. The player’s goal is to help them to allow them to rest in peace.

Various locations in the cemetery have hidden object scenes. The list of items is displayed at the bottom part of the screen. Some items are more difficult to find than others. The game also features a hint system that can be utilized by players when they are stuck looking for a specific item. Apart from the hidden object scenes, players will also be solving different types of puzzles. The collector’s edition of the game features additional gameplay. There is also a strategy guide integrated in the game that can be used as a guide. Additionally, players can view the game’s concept art, see screenshots of the game, and also make use of game-themed wallpapers on their desktop.