RedBotPro 1.0.9 1.5.4 (Freeware)

RedBotPro 1.0.9 is a game bot developed by Video game bots are defined as an artificial intelligence software designed for controlling another player while undergoing combats in a game, usually common in playing first-person shooter games. RedBotPro 1.0.9 integrates with Tibia, a MMORPG, which is also a free game available for today’s gamers. It utilizes scripting system that allows gamers to gain control in various aspects like healing, tool availability, looting, and a lot more. Getting an edge means more effective gaming and results to victory. The bot comes with eight main features used for gaming like Healer, Targeting, Tools, Trainer, HUD, Cavebot and Map.

Aside from the bot, the developer threw in RedBot rLauncher to save gamers from manual tweaking. The platform aids in running the bot, ensuring that it will work automatically. Using this program is easy with its updated features and minus the need for proxy setting configuration.

Installation also completes faster as gamers simply need to download the bot and install just the same as other software. It, however, requires .NET Framework 3.5 installed in the computer. If the computer does not have this program, users can simply download it online. An easy to use interface boosts the program’s usability.  RedBotPro 1.0.9 developers also guarantee the program to be free from viruses or malwars, which often comes with other bots.