Red Shark

G5 Entertainment (Proprietary)

Red Shark is a third-person shooter game that lets players fly a modern combat helicopter and travel back in time to Nazi Germany to change the course of history. The story goes that as a young child, a German named Hans Hossman saw a time-traveler take steps to change the outcome of history. When he grew up, Hossman became a physicist and developed his own time machine to go back in time to the Second World War. He then used his knowledge to construct weapons in order to make Germany win.

In the year 2013, the Planetary Anti-terror Organization became in charge of time traveling, and it found out about Hossner’s plans. The organization starts to plan a way to prevent Hossman from changing the war’s outcome, for it may mean the world will be under Hitler’s power. The player, piloting the Russian fighting helicopter Ka-50, is sent back to World War II to take part in the operation to stop Hossman. Players undertake go on air battles, rescue and scout missions, and back up navy and army forces. Players go into top-secret missions to alter the past, in order to secure the future of humankind.

Red Shark consists of 15 missions. The game’s intuitive controls are done in arcade style, and makes use of realistic flight simulator physics.